About Me

Hi there, I'm Javier, @javierjulio on Twitter. I'm a full stack software engineer and founding team member at Jackpocket. I'm at my best when working closely with a designer to fine tune every interface detail. I love what I do. Don't be shy, say hello.

I'm proficient in Ruby, a beginner in Objective-C, Swift and Node.js, and have been learning Python. Client side I stick with SASS and JavaScript. I'm comfortable with command line tools as I stay organized thanks to my laptop script and dotfiles.

As a developer it's important to me to keep any project I work on up to date and well tested. I've learned the value of testing as it helps me be aggressive about change. As I get familiar with a codebase I develop ideas on what code can be improved or removed if not utilized. Having tests backs me up and allows me to make those improvements safely and quickly.

Apart from programming, I'm an avid reader and use Instapaper to read what I come across on Feedly (through Reeder) or Twitter. And of course I share any interesting reads. I love everything soccer. Sometimes I dance tango and milonga. Thanks to my mother, I love to cook and bake for my family and friends. Occasionally I play paintball. If all else fails you'll find me taking it easy watching Netflix or playing games.