Javier Julio


Founding Engineer, Jackpocket

Jun 2014 - Present

Contract, WordLab (Jackpocket)

Sept 2014 - Dec 2014

Created an iOS app (Swift) to manage flash cards for words from a built in Realm database of the English dictionary. Used the Leitner system to help with long term memory. Created a Ruby tool to parse the public domain Webster dictionary to populate the database.

Senior Software Developer, 9mmedia

Apr 2010 - May 2014

Developer, Arc90

Sept 2007 - Apr 2010

Developer, AboutWeb

Oct 2005 - Sept 2007

Developer, Katrina Lost

Sept 2005 - Dec 2005

Developed a ColdFusion app for a volunteer project to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina where users submitted information on missing relatives, contact info, and available housing. Built over a weekend. On launch day we had 179,000 visitors and used 10GB of bandwidth in 10 days!

Webmaster, ESS

Jun 2005 - Oct 2005

Redesigned ESS and ESS Expo (acquired by IHS) with web standards (source ordering, no tables for layout) and re-architected ASP back-ends providing better SEO, reusability, and maintenance.

Web Intern, World Resources Institute

Apr 2004 - Apr 2005

Replaced the site's tree navigation with a cross browser, drop down menu. Worked on various ColdFusion based tools.

Skills and Technologies

Languages: Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SASS, Shell, Swift, Objective-C, AS3, Flex, MXML, REST, JSON, ColdFusion

Frameworks: Rails, React, Ember, Realm, Swiz, PureMVC

Tools: Git, Postgres, Shell, Sketch, Photoshop


Montgomery College
A.A.S., Web Programming Degree - 3.57 GPA (2001-2005)


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