With the outpouring over Steve Jobs recent passing I’ve read some touching and moving stories. While I don’t have any Steve run-ins or early Apple experiences to share I did have an incident with my iPhone a few years ago that reminded me of how much I love using that device and how important it is to me.

Whenever I’m on the subway platform waiting I pull out my phone and start reading articles I have saved with Instapaper. One day I was rather careless and the phone slipped out of my hands. It fell on the edge of the platform and then on the tracks below.

For that second my heart sank but I knew better since I was near the end of the platform where their is a small gate into the tunnel. I figured from there I could walk on to the tracks, pick up my phone and come back the same way. One problem. The train was arriving in less than 2 minutes. I wouldn’t make it back in time.

While that thought came to mind, two men just a few feet away had a better idea. They told me to jump. I didn’t have much time. Did you honestly think I was going to leave my phone there? No way! So I jumped down onto the subway tracks, picked up my phone and the two men lifted me back up on the platform. Two complete strangers were kind enough to help without asking. I was very grateful.

What I left out though is that was an iPhone 3G. I have an iPhone 4 now. I dread finding out what crazy thing I’ll do next if something happens to it. I love the iPhone. Thanks Steve.